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Learn to create an innovation project from A to Z using Design Thinking

Explore the five steps of Design Thinking hands on

Create ideas for innovative products and services

Become familiar with the basics of design and use the art of storytelling to convince your customers

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Les ingrédients secrets de cette formation

Create your own innovation in just four weeks

By following a method which links creativity, collective intelligence and practical hands-on activities

Learn useful tools for your everyday life

Simple and reusable templates to explore a problem, design a solution, prototype an innovation and test this innovation

Be accompanied by our Unow experts

Unow is the French pioneer of MOOCs on Design Thinking

Explore many angles of design methods and the history of design

Course includes many additional resources for you to explore


Parcours balisé pour progression assurée

Module 1

Why Design Thinking ?

  • Why should we learn to Innovate? 

  • The fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Consider yourself warned: a machine may replace you too

  • Digital technology is changing our relationship to the world

  • Soft skills to the rescue! 

  • What is design? 

  • What is Design Thinking? 


  • Find a pertinent problem
Module 2

Empathize with your users and define their problem

  • How to listen to your users 

  • How to put yourself in the shoes of your users

  • How to find the root cause of the problem

  • How to define the problem well before looking for solutions

  • The Five Whys Method


  • Define the real problem of your users
Module 3

Ideate and prototype: Imagining and building a solution

  • How to generate new ideas with brainstorming

  • How to choose the best idea

  • Create a quick prototype

  • Sollicite feedback

  • Remain focussed on the needs of your users 


  • Make your first prototype, give and receive feedback from other participants
Module 4

Test your idea and learn how to promote it

  • Test your product or service

  • Evaluate the feedback given to you

  • Continue to improve your product or service

  • Strive to make your product or service remarkable

  • Use storytelling to pitch your idea


  • Make a second version of your prototype

Examen final

Tester ses connaissances tout au long de la formation, et via l’examen de fin de formation.

Pré-requis ?

This course has no prerequisites.


Managers - Marketing Managers - Project Leaders - Anyone desiring to learn about innovation, creativity and Design Thinking

Nos formations sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap. En cas de besoin, nous étudions les mesures compensatoires appropriées.

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Barbara Alger

Teacher & coach @ The Art of Public Speaking

Passionate about online education, innovative pedagogy, and public speaking, Barbara blends modern online methods with creative face-to-face classes to design engaging courses for several business schools in Lyon, including EMLYON Business School.

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