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Learning Goals

      • Understand the many facets of modern digital technology, learn its vocabulary and explore key concepts.
      • Identify new digital skills that are essential to have in today’s business environment.
      • Protect your digital identity and develop your positive online reputation through social networks.
      • Discover digital tools that can revolutionize your daily life.
      • Become confident in your digital skills and eager to surf the digital wave!


          • In each module, you will have practical exercises to reinforce the concepts and apply your new skills. 
          • You will use a collaborative tool with other participants to create a digital lexicon.
          • For those wishing to go further, we offer two bonus modules on very topical themes.
          • You will be accompanied by a group of digital experts who are experienced, passionate, and pedagogical.
          • At the end of the course, you can obtain a Statement of Accomplishment to promote your achievement.


                  • Everyone


                  • This course has no  prerequisites.

                  Who’s afraid of the digital world? Well, as it seems, many people. With Digital Culture SPOC, step-by-step and our experts always at your side, you will experiment with digital tools and learn about many aspects of the digital culture.
                  Your knowledge and your confidence in digital technologies will grow, and you too will become an expert in our totally connected world.

                  Passionate about online education, innovative pedagogy, and public speaking, Barbara blends modern online methods with creative face-to-face classes to design engaging courses for several business schools in Lyon,  including EMLYON Business School.  

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                  Programme de la formation

                  MODULE 1

                  Digital Technologies: what are they all about?

                  Understanding the many uses of digital technology and its inherent values

                      • Who are the Web giants?
                      • Understanding the many ways the Web is used and the positive values that the digital culture highlights 
                      • Understanding the impact of digital technologies on the individual, the company and the  economic  level


                        • Discussion : Your everyday habits shaken up by digital technologies
                        • Collaborative lexicon of digital vocabulary
                        • Logo quiz : Do you know the major digital actors?

                        MODULE 2

                        Digital Technologies Require Individuals to Learn New Skills 

                        Understanding the new digital competencies that individuals need to master

                              • Knowing how to search, sort and share information
                              • Managing your online identity and understanding social networks 
                              • Getting organized: Managing your time in the digital era 
                              • Understanding the risks of hyperconnection
                              • Telecommuting


                                  • Discussion: Create a better working environment!
                                  • Optimize your Linkedin profile

                                  MODULE 3

                                  The Impact of Digital Technologies in Companies: New Ways of Thinking and  Working 

                                  Understanding the transformation of our ways of working and the emergence of collaborative methods

                                          • Enhancing collaboration in companies is essential
                                          • Shifting to more a collaborative model
                                          • The evolution of occupations within companies
                                          • Digital opportunities for companies 


                                                • Discussion: digital transformation of  your company
                                                • Build a catalogue of new occupations for the future

                                                  MODULE 4

                                                  Major Changes in the Economy: New Business Models and Digital Transformations

                                                  Understanding how digital technologies have radically transformed our economy 

                                                            • Understanding the major changes in the economy
                                                            • The basics of Big Data 
                                                            • What is disruptive innovation?
                                                            • “Open”: open data, open innovation and open source
                                                            • Crowdfunding, or the power of the people


                                                                    • Discussion: Your company is being disrupted! What are you going to do about it?  
                                                                    • Pitch your project to Ulule

                                                                    2 OPTIONAL MODULES (INCLUDED IN THE COURSE)

                                                                    1. Disruptive Innovation

                                                                                • New digital business models
                                                                                • Two examples of disruption enabled by digital technologies
                                                                                • Do startups have a digital advantage?

                                                                                    2. The Impact of Digital Technology on the Job Market


                                                                                                  • The evolution of occupations
                                                                                                  • What is the future of the job market?
                                                                                                  • Understanding freelancing

                                                                                                  Certification du SPOC Plus d'informations

                                                                                                  Statement of Accomplishment – For more information

                                                                                                  Highlight your new skills with a Statement of Accomplishment 

                                                                                                    • On your resume
                                                                                                    • On  professional social networks
                                                                                                    • With your employer and recruiters
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