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Formation Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

Give and receive feedback to improve your and your company's performance


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Points forts

Les ingrédients secrets de cette formation

An opportunity to immediately practice what you've learned

Learning-by-doing on a daily basis and with your peers in order to make progress

A comprehensive toolbox

A wide array of tools to build your methodology and put it to the test in different situations

Input from several experts

The program was drawn up by selected experts from different backgrounds with valuable experiences

Testimonies from knowledgeable professionals

Testimonies from experts and companies widely known for their expertise on feedback


Parcours balisé pour progression assurée

Module 1

Boost your personal and professional growth using feedback

  • What is feedback and how do you identify it?

  • People react differently to feedback... What is your reaction?

  • Why is it sometimes difficult to receive feedback?

  • Best practices for welcoming feedback

  • Asking for feedback regularly: a key to progress rapidly


  • Know yourself better: do you respond or react?

  • Request feedback from your peers

Module 2

Formulating effective feedback

  • Make sure your intention is clear 

  • The keys to successful feedback

  • Avoiding the pitfalls

  • Choosing the right time and right tone to give feedback

  • Creating feedback: methods and best practice


  • Practice reformulating poorly-delivered feedback

  • Give constructive feedback and real-time recognition

Module 3

Claiming your right to give feedback

  • The obstacles to avoid when giving feedback

  • Feedback as a motivation and performance tool

  • Well-delivered feedback is a gift

  • How being acknowledged boosts self-confidence and performance

  • Should we give value to the effort or the result?


  • Where are you on the Radical Candor Matrix?

  • Come back to missed feedback opportunities

Module 4

Creating a feedback culture

  • Creating a climate where feedback is welcome

  • Implementing routines to normalize feedback practices in your environment

  • Tips to adapt your feedback to who is receiving it

  • Advice for difficult situations and intercultural specificities

  • Installing habits to create a feedback culture


  • Implementing routines within your team regarding feedback

Evaluation finale

Tester ses connaissances tout au long de la formation, et via l’examen de fin de formation.

Pré-requis ?

No prior knowledge or experience is required to take part in this training course, it is open to all.


This training course is directed at anyone looking to develop themselves and their environment through feedback. A managerial position is not required as long as the individual is collaborating with others on a daily basis.

Nos formations sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap. En cas de besoin, nous étudions les mesures compensatoires appropriées.

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