Jérémy Lamri

Fonda­teur (égale­ment à l’ori­gine du Lab RH) @ Monkey tie

Having spent 6 years working in various roles and indus­tries span­ning from sustai­nable purcha­sing in the Food sector through finan­cial analy­sis in Private Equity to human resource plan­ning for a precast concrete fabri­ca­tor, I deci­ded in 2012 to start my own company in the online recruit­ment indus­try. Thanks to a dedi­ca­ted team, we grew up and deve­lo­ped Monkey tie to its profi­ta­bi­lity, and we deci­ded to launch an asso­cia­tion aiming to gather and help all the star­tups in our speci­fic indus­try. My invol­ve­ment in our society goes far beyond these projects, as I am also a reserve offi­cer in the Navy, ambas­sa­dor for an inter­na­tio­nal charity, teacher in some selec­ted univer­si­ties, and a PhD student working on cogni­tive science issues. Lastly, I crea­ted Le Lab RH, an asso­cia­tion gathe­ring over 150 inno­va­tive star­tups in the HR field, and opera­ting as a consul­ting firm with no consul­tant. And yes, there is a skill named « Fresh­ness » (Frai­cheur) in my skill list. It’s actually the same for all Monkey tie buddies :)